IAED - Center of Excellence

IAED - Center of Excellence

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) has officially recognized Santa Clara County Communications since January 2002 as an Accredited Center of Excellence in Emergency Medical Dispatching for demonstrating compliance to the highest level of standards as outlined in the Academy’s 21 points of Accreditation.

Santa Clara County Communications was the first county in the state, and the 11th county nationwide, to receive this honor.

Additionally, the department achieved IAED Accredited Center of Excellence in Emergency Fire Dispatching in the fall of 2023. County Communications is one of four 9-1-1 centers in California with Emergency Fire Dispatching Accredited Center of Excellence certification and one of 59 centers worldwide to achieve Accredited Center of Excellence in multiple disciplines. This certification signifies the hard work and dedication of the dispatch center staff to provide the best possible service to the public and fire emergency first responders.

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