Employee Excellence Award



    Theresa Sciortino
    Senior Communications Dispatcher

    Theresa Sciortino

    In October of 2012, Theresa joined the 9-1-1 Communications Team as a Dispatcher II and
    advanced to Dispatcher III in July of 2016. Theresa promoted to Senior Dispatcher in September of 2020 and has become a valuable member of the Supervisory Team.

    Theresa can often be found walking through the Control Room, supervising, and actively engaging staff members. She is very knowledgeable and makes herself available to answer questions, review policy and procedure as needed, and supports the department’s staff in any way she can. Theresa is more than willing to jump in and assist with answering phones, working reliefs, and any additional tasks that need to be completed. With the ongoing pandemic, she has been flexible and willing to work extra shifts to help support Dispatch Operations.

    As a former trainer, Theresa is aware of how much support and guidance our trainees need and she is always available to coach and mentor them throughout her shift. Theresa always has a smile on her face and approaches every situation with a positive attitude and maintains her composure even when dealing with the most stressful situations. When dealing with irate callers, Theresa compassionately and empathetically obtains all necessary information for the responders. She is no different when handling issues from our user agencies. Theresa utilizes good judgement, exhibits good decision-making skills, and does not shy away from difficult conversations. In doing so, she maintains the department’s goals of providing each citizen with the quality of service they expect when dialing 9-1-1.

    Recognizing Theresa as 2022’s Employee Excellence Award recipient is a fitting tribute for her dedication and contributions to public service.



    Robert Connors
    Communications Engineering Manager

    Robert Connors Portrait

    Robert started his County career as a Communications Technician in May of 2001,
    advanced to a Senior Technician in July of 2009, and promoted to Communications
    Engineering Manager in July of 2017.

    Robert provides exemplary public service through his tireless dedication to ensuring the Public Safety Communications infrastructure is monitored and maintained day in and day out by working closely with his team of technicians. He grows and develops the skills of his staff as well as his own to stay abreast of the changing technology used to support our First Responder Communities as well as our Public Service Partners. He is a problem solver driven by a commitment to doing the right thing for the right reason and has proven to be a great partner in the changes implemented within the department in support of our

    Robert is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to our County, Municipal Partners, outside vendors, and customers. He focuses on maintaining fiscal responsibility by providing efficient and effective services with a strategic vision towards coordination and cooperation with others in our industry. As a Manager, he is incredibly committed to the success and wellbeing of his staff providing guidance and mentorship that allows them to grow and learn in their trade.

    While 2020 proved to be an unprecedented year in every sense of the word, Robert has led his team by ensuring that the Public Safety Communications infrastruct ure we rely on were operational through all the challenges that we have faced. Further, he has been instrumental in supporting the transition of all our partners to new and more resilient technologies. Recognizing Robert as this year’s Employee Excellence Award recipient is a fitting tribute for his continuous contributions to the department’s mission, values, and goals.



    Chris Collins
    Senior Communications Systems Technician

    Chris Collins

    Chris started his County career as a Communications Systems Technician in February of 2017 and promoted to Senior Communications Systems Technician in November of 2017. Chris serves as a mentor to his fellow team members. Chris's extensive knowledge and experience in the technical field has also earned him the respect and trust of the department staff, external stakeholders, and customers.

    In addition to his leadership and mentor role for the Technical Division, Chris has worked tirelessly as the System Administrator for the countwide Silicon Valley Regional Communications System (SVRCS). As the System Administrator, Chris also manages the countywide radio communications fleet map utilized by all Santa Clara County stakeholders and regional public safety partners. Chris also provides technical advice to all county and neighboring agency's and their respective radio programmers. His attention to detail has played a critical role for accuracy of radio programming to allow seamless interoperable communication utilizing the new Silicon Valley Regional Communication System.

    Chris exhibits employee excellence core values as he is honest, dependable and always delivering high quality work. He is positive, takes initiative, provides solutions and leads by example. Furthermore, Chris regularly strives to foster and maintain internal and external partnerships to advance the county and department's mission, values and goals.

    Recognizing Chris as this year's Employee Excellence recipient is a fitting tribute for his continuous contributions demonstrating a sincere regard for the community we serve.



    Allison Palitz
    Senior Communications Systems Technician

    Allison Palitz

    Allison Palitz started her County career as a Communications Systems Technician in July of 2009 and promoted to a Senior Communications Systems Technician in November of 2017.  She sets an example of great work ethic, drive, initiative and is an inspiration to her peers in the Technical Division and the rest of the department.

    Allison is always thinking ahead, bringing up new ideas, and preparing for her next task or project. She makes a conscious effort to find efficient and cost-effective solutions but at the same time thoroughly completing her projects in a timely manner.  She often works within tight timelines but never fails to deliver quality work.

    As technology evolves, she continues to further her technical knowledge, even learning on her own time, and sharing what she has learned with her fellow colleagues.  She has a great ability to teach others, explaining every task function and leaving others feeling empowered which has benefited the technical team immensely.

    Allison exemplifies employee excellence core values as she is honest and transparent in her work, demonstrates integrity, provides high quality service to her fellow co-workers and customers. In addition, Allison’s highest priority is the safety of the citizens of the County and public safety personnel. Furthermore, she is respectful, encouraging, positive, leads by example and always takes great pride in her work.  Recognizing Allison’s commitment and dedication is a fitting tribute for her continued
    contributions to the Department’s mission and County’s core values.



    Joey Thi
    Supervising Communications Dispatcher

    Joey Thi

    Hired in 1994, Joey worked as a highly capable and efficient line dispatcher in the law, medical and fire communities before promoting to a Senior Dispatcher in March of 2008.  In April of 2016, Joey promoted to the Supervising Dispatcher position.

    Joey exemplifies dispatching excellence and sound management principles with his professional behavior. He leads by example, is a hard worker and has a strong work ethic.  He communicates effectively and expects the same from his employees.  His positive, go-getter attitude helps him accomplish whatever task he has been assigned. He will always go the extra mile to give his best to any project.  Moreover, he is an excellent team leader, as he not only makes sure that projects are completed on time, but also encourages his team members to put forward their very best efforts.  Joey often rewards his shift by cooking for them and having potlucks. He is well known throughout the dispatch floor for his homemade “PHO.”

    Joey’s commitment for nearly 24 years as a leader and highly skilled dispatcher, meeting the County’s public safety needs, is an example of the level of service he continuously provides the County.  Recognizing Joey Thi as an Employee Excellence Honoree is a fitting tribute for his continued contributions to Department’s public safety mission and the County’s core values.

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