Dispatcher of the Year

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 2017 Dispatcher of the Year



The Communications Department is proud of both of our selected Dispatchers due to their career accomplishments and the excellent job performance they exhibit.


Sandy Hopkins

Sandy Hopkins

Sandy has a great attitude and everyone enjoys working with her. Sandy is always willing to adapt and adjust to changes on the fly and exhibits a strong work ethic. Sandy is very knowledgeable as shown by her recent participation as a Communications Training Officer. Sandy quickly and consistently connects with her callers and provides excellent customer service.


Rhiannon Rodriguez

Rhiannon Rodriquez

Rhiannon is a true team player, displaying a friendly, caring, and supportive attitude to all her peers. Rhiannon has been a Communications Training Officer for most of her career and teaches in our academy. Rhiannon is also a member of the Outreach and Recruitment team. In addition, Rhiannon is a volunteer in the "Every 15 Minutes" program. Rhiannon is involved in many aspects of the department and is always willing to help with special project benefitting our center.

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