Dispatcher of the Year



    Ashley Webb and Sheldon Bakhtiari


    Ashley Webb

    Ashley Webb Portrait

    Ashley Webb began her career with County Communications as a Communications Dispatcher I on February 27, 2017, and subsequently promoted to Communications Dispatcher II on April 8, 2019. Ashley was in a unique group of dispatchers hired in 2017 and upon graduating from the in-house academy, began her dispatch training in the medical community instead of the law community. Ashley worked diligently to become a medical dispatcher and excelled during her training phase. Over the last year, there have been many changes implemented within the medical community and Ashley has displayed and shared her knowledge with others. Following her completion of medical training, Ashley was moved back into the Law community to complete her Law training. Ashley volunteers as a substitute trainer in the law and/or med communities as needed. Ashley displays a great sense of teamwork and dedication while maintaining a professional attitude. These are just a few of the reasons that Ashley is being recognized as the County Communications Dispatcher of the Year award for 2022.


    Sheldon Bakhtiari:

    Sheldon Bakhtiari Portrait

    Sheldon Bakhtiari began his career with County Communications as a Communications Dispatcher I on January 28, 2019, and subsequently promoted to Communications Dispatcher II on November 2, 2020. Sheldon excels as a Communications Training Officer and trains within the law community. He has been responsible for training many new dispatchers and assisting with building the foundational skills needed to be successful as a dispatcher. More recently, Sheldon participated in the County Santa Clara’s Active Shooter/Criminal Mass Casualty Protocol. This included multiple agencies within Santa Clara County. This was inclusive of attending meetings to review content in the current protocol, tabletop exercises, and address changes that may need to be made to the current protocol. Sheldon always recognizes the need for responders’ safety while working in the law and fire communities. Whether he is working a police pursuit or a multiple alarm fire, Sheldon’s demeanor remains the same: Calm and collected. He maintains a positive professional attitude and is well-deserving of the County Communications Dispatcher of the Year award for 2022.



    Amanda Baum and Cyerra Hargraves


    Amanda Baum: 

    Amanda Baum Portrait

    Amanda joined County Communications in April 2016 as a Dispatcher I.  She obtained her Fire community certification and was promoted to Dispatcher II in May 2018.  Additionally, Amanda participates in the in-house Dispatch Academy as a Law and Fire instructor.

    Amanda is a reliable member of our dispatch team and in her role as a Communications Training Officer.  She treats her co-workers with great kindness and compassion and has been described as a “positive light during a rather tumultuous time.”  Baum is often seen on the dispatch floor with a smile and an eagerness to grow.  She volunteers for side projects regularly and brings a sunny disposition to every situation. 

    While working with our user agencies and the citizens of Santa Clara County, she has demonstrated profound professionalism.  In addition, Baum is a prime example of the characteristics, positivity, dedication, and perseverance that we should all strive for in our realm of public safety.  Most recently, she was recognized by the department for assisting a citizen in need.  While on her way to work, she witnessed a downed motorcyclist who was not conscious nor breathing and immediately provided CPR.


    Cyerra Hargraves:  

    Cyerra Hargraves Portrait

    Cyerra Hargraves joined the County Communications team in February 2017 as a Dispatcher I.  She successfully obtained certification in the Medical community and was promoted to Dispatch II in January 2019.  Hargraves continues to be a valued member of the communications team and the community she serves. 

    Cyerra is the epitome of a team player, willing to share her knowledge with co-workers.  During COVID-19-related staffing shortages, she signed up for additional shifts without hesitation.  She strives to do her very best in every assigned position.  Hargraves has an impeccable attendance record and arrives on time for every shift.  Throughout the year, Hargraves meets the need of challenges, assisting with upgrade training for dispatchers in the medical community.  Cyerra demonstrates professionalism and consistently provides the best customer service during every interaction.



    All Santa Clara County 9-1-1 Dispatchers

    Every year the department honors two individuals who have demonstrated the highest levels of personal and professional conduct and performance in the line of duty. These Dispatchers represent all the hard work and dedication each of you brings to the job every day. With the challenges that you have all faced within the last 12 months it was impossible to select only two of you. We are pleased to announce that Santa Clara County Communications 2020 Dispatchers of the Year are all of you!

    On March 11th, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic followed by a Statewide Stay-at-home order issued on March 19th. With the implementation of the Pandemic protocol and the additional question(s) we implemented for screening, you were all consistently adapting to the changes. Some of these changes were occurring on a daily basis and or weekly in the beginning. Then we expanded those questions to include Law calls as well. To adapt to the consistent changes within your professional & personal lives showed true resilience.

    We were scheduled to implement EFD in March but due to the pandemic this was postponed. Upon setting a date in August, and doing additional refresher trainings, we were ready to launch by the amended Go Live date. During the early morning hours of August 16 we were faced with another obstacle, a thunderstorm. There were over 200 lightning strikes within a 30 minute time period. The next thing we knew our County was surrounded by fire. We launched EFD during the midst of this and did an exceptional job considering all the circumstances, having some of our very own dispatchers needing to evacuate due to the fires.



    Katrina Labuguen and Tessa Gonzales


    Katrina Labuguen:

    Katrina Labuguen Portrait

    Katrina started her career at County Communications on March 17, 2014 as a Communications Dispatcher I and has most recently promoted to the position of Communications Dispatcher III, in December of 2019. During her time at County Communications Katrina has taken on several projects to help better County Communications Dispatchers and Trainees. These projects include helping create curriculum for both the basic Dispatcher Academy and the Communications Training Officer (CTO) program. Katrina teaches in the basic Dispatcher Academy and provides dispatchers with classroom instruction and training. Katrina displays a great sense of teamwork and dedication in everything she does, and for this she is well deserving of the County Communications 2019 Dispatcher of the Year award.

    Tessa Gonzales:

    Tessa Gonzales Portrait

    Tessa began her Career with County Communications on May 30, 2007 as a Communications Dispatcher I and subsequently promoted to Communications Dispatcher II on July 29, 2019. Since the beginning Tessa has worked diligently to grow her skills and knowledge as a dispatcher. Tessa has proven to be positive and hardworking while always demonstrating a professional attitude. She has also volunteered to assist and support the training of new dispatchers at County Communications. Initially working as a substitute CTO and now officially becoming a part of the CTO program. She supports her trainees and provides a fair but focused environment in which they can learn the roles of becoming a new dispatcher. These are just some of the reasons why Tessa is being recognized as one of the County Communications 2019 Dispatcher of the Year recipient.



    Shannon Polito and Rachel McCormick


    Shannon Polito:

    Shannon Polito Portrait

    Shannon started her career with County Communications on September 20, 2010 as a Communications Dispatcher I and subsequently promoted to Communications Dispatcher ll on October 28, 2013. During that time, she has established herself as a go-to resource for knowledge in both the Sheriff and Medical Dispatch communities.  Shannon is currently training to become a Fire dispatcher and will inevitably become an asset in that area as well. Shannon is eager to share her vast knowledge by volunteering to serve as a Communications Training Officer (CTO) providing one-on-one training to other employees as well as operating as the department's subject matter expert on database returns. She spends countless hours developing training materials, teaching in the new dispatcher academy, and attending training classes to gain knowledge she can bring back to share with the rest of the department. Shannon Polito goes above and beyond the call of duty and is well deserving of the 2018 Dispatcher of the Year award.

    Rachel McCormick:

    Rachel McCormick Portrait

    Rachel began her career with County Communications on May 16, 2016 as a Communications Dispatcher l. Rachel completed training in Medical dispatching and promoted to Communications Dispatcher ll, earlier in the year, on January 1, 2018. Rachel has quickly established herself as an employee worthy of emulating. She volunteers to help wherever needed and has been a tremendous asset to the training division by volunteering to take on numerous trainees, continuously striving to improve her skills as a CTO, and ensuring that she is doing her best to ensure that new employees are given every opportunity to succeed. ln addition to her professionalism and contributions to the training program, Rachel is being recognized as the 2018 Dispatcher of the Year for always maintaining a pleasant demeanor in stressful situations.



    Sandy Hopkins and Rhiannon Rodriquez


    Sandy Hopkins:
    Hopkins, Sandra portait

    Sandy has a great attitude and everyone enjoys working with her. Sandy is always willing to adapt and adjust to changes on the fly and exhibits a strong work ethic. Sandy is very knowledgeable as shown by her recent participation as a Communications Training Officer. Sandy quickly and consistently connects with her callers and provides excellent customer service.


    Rhiannon Rodriquez:
    Rodriquez, Rhiannon portrait

    Rhiannon is a true team player, displaying a friendly, caring, and supportive attitude to all her peers. Rhiannon has been a Communications Training Officer for most of her career and teaches in our academy. Rhiannon is also a member of the Outreach and Recruitment team. In addition, Rhiannon is a volunteer in the "Every 15 Minutes" program. Rhiannon is involved in many aspects of the department and is always willing to help with special project benefitting our center.

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